Applications / Features


  • Use where a mounting surface is not available to attach window covering
  • Mount below a transom window; leave your view while allowing for privacy
  • Extremely useful below an arched window when a header is not available
  • Perfect for the ability to do a cafe effect on tall and wide window
  • Perfect for garden windows applications
  • Divide over-sized skylight openings into multiple/smaller openings
  • Perfect for False Ceilings


  • Unique mounting brackets are virtually concealed within the floating header
  • Designed to be an enhancement to your decor
  • Looks great from in and out of doors
  • Inside mount has only an 1/8" deduction
  • Window covering can be mounted to the front, top, or from the bottom of the header
  • Comes in widths up to 12 feet (custom engineered Super Duty System up to 14 feet
       in width, please inquire)
  • An absolute cinch to install (One person installation)
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Powered coated a beautiful satin white
  • Hand crafted in America!
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