Frequently Asked Questions: 

How do I install The Floating Header?

The Floating Header is an inside mount product.  Install the "c" shaped brackets provided to each side of your casement. The bar portion has a special cut out design on each end that allows you to  slide the bar over the top prong of the bracket while it rests on the bottom prong.  Tek  screw(s) are used to attach the bottom of the bar to the bracket. Installation Instructions are sent with your order but you can also find a copy on this site under the Products tab

How do I attach my window covering to the Floating Header?

Your blind is attached to the Floating Header using the brackets that come with your treatment but using self tapping screws that we provide. Hint:  Install your window covering mounting hardware to the Floating Header prior to its installation; this will help to eliminate some overhead work!  

You have two options for installing.  You can install your blind to the front/face of the bar (concealing it from inside the home), or hang from the bottom, (leaving the Floating Header exposed).  Front installation is used most of the time but installation to the bottom is definitely an option.  The bottom installation might be done if your casement if very narrow and installing to the face/front of the Floating Header would push your blind out too far into the room. The Floating Header is very attractive, and made as a furniture quality product but if you would be installing to the bottom, a  decorating idea would be to cover the headrail with fabric, wood trim, or some other material to match the rooms' decor.

Can I use any type of window covering?

Yes!  There is no limit as to the type of blind or window covering you can use.

What is the Floating Header made of ?

The Floating Header is made of  high grade steel tubing varying in size and thickness based on the width and type of blind.  

What color is The Floating Header?

All headers are powder coated a beautiful  satin white (this white has been chosen to match white vinyl windows).   

Can I mount an arched blind and a rectangular window covering?

Yes!  You can attach both blinds to the front of the Floating Header or you can attach the arch blind to the top and the rectangular blind to the bottom or you can attach the arch to the top and the rectangular window covering to the front.  Note: this will recess the arch for an offset look.  

Can I install The Floating Header by myself?

Yes, the headrail is very easy to install.  Many homeowners as well as installers have successfully installed the Floating Header.   

How do I measure for the Floating Header?

Since the Floating Header is custom made to size, it is very important that an accurate measurement be taken.  Unlike the blind measurement, the Floating Header measurement needs to be made at the point where the Floating Header will be installed.  (This measurement will not always be the same as your blind measurement).   If your measurement doesn't measure to an exact 1/8th, round down to the nearest 1/16th of an inch.

How accurate do my measurements need to be?

Extremely accurate.  All Floating Headers are hand made specific to your window opening.  Only a 1/8th deduction is taken to ensure a professional look.  (Up to a 3/16th deduction can be taken per customer request.  This will leave you with a larger gap at the ends).  

Does the Floating Header require any center support?

This question is sometimes asked because of the thought that "If my blind needs center support then why doesn't the Floating Header need support? "  As mentioned earlier, the Floating Header is made of steel and is extremely durable.  It will not sag or bow as a blind alone would.

How long does it take to process my order?

We request a 2-week lead-time.

Is there any technical support available if needed during installation?
Yes, please feel free to contact our Installation Department for assistance. (866) 936-3731 within the U.S. or 479-789-2501   
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